Rio Verde promotes the development of sustainable high performance projects, adopting technology and constructive systems with a reduction in the use of natural resources throughout the life cycle of its projects, from its construction, to the future performance of the building.

The projects are designed to:

  • Better qualification of the environments, promoting well-being and greater productivity to its users, focusing on thermal comfort, air quality and the best use of lighting and natural ventilation;
  • Optimization of the consumption of natural resources throughout the life of the building, with emphasis on:

 –  Study of energy efficiency, leading to the adoption of clean / renewable energy systems, use of advanced technologies, automation and systems control;

–  Reduction in the consumption of clean water, through systems of reutilization of gray water;

–  Reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases.

  • Reduction of operational costs and property maintenance.

All measures generate benefits to users and the environment, minimizing socio-environmental impacts.

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