The construction industry is responsible for several environmental impacts, due to the great demand for natural resources used in the execution of projects, such as water and energy consumption and generation of waste.

For some time now, Rio Verde has been using the concept of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). The company’s goal is to minimize the extraction of natural resources and, at the same time, reduce the volume of waste going to landfills. The concept is widely spread and put into practice in all the company’s administrative spheres and covers a broad network of partners.

At Rio Verde the sustainability concept is worked on considering five pillars:


In the economic sphere, Rio Verde is always attentive to market transformations and proposes actions that generate positive effects over time.


Rio Verde strives to maintain a good relationship in all spheres of municipal, state and federal government, including urban and environmental licensing bodies, specialized stations, regulatory agencies, public administration agents and third parties, respecting the laws, rules and regulations and fulfilling the company’s duties.


Rio Verde acts with great responsibility in all its construction process, to minimize environmental impacts, from project design – which seeks to value natural lighting and ventilation, reducing the use of electric energy – to execution of the work. Emphasis on the use of building materials and certificates with proven origin, adoption of selective collection, local partnerships with recycling cooperatives, several actions against waste of water resources and electric power, use of rainwater, use of waste recyclers, use of low carbon equipment and waste management.
Learn about the nationally and internationally recognized certifications that Rio Verde has in this area. Click here.

The company periodically carries out projects and actions with employees and community participation, benefiting the society in the cities where they operate. Highlighted is project “A Click to the Future” and the volunteer activities. To learn more, click here.


Rio Verde is open to analyze projects that promote culture in the cities where we are present.

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