LEED Certification

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is the main seal for sustainable construction in the country, nationally and internationally recognized. Rio Verde has all the know-how to follow the requirements for building certification.

This was the case, for example, with the Saint-Gobain Research and Development Center in Capivari (SP), built by Rio Verde and awarded with LEED Gold certification in 2017, following the headquarters’ desire to meet world sustainability standards.

AQUA Entrepreneur

Rio Verde was the first company in São Paulo countryside to receive the title of “AQUA Entrepreneur” in 2014. This title is granted by Vanzolini Foundation, to institutions that have at least four AQUA-HQE certified enterprises. To date, Rio Verde is proud of having 07 real estate enterprises that have already obtained the AQUA-HQE certification or are in the process of certification. Thus, the company holds the title of “AQUA Entrepreneur”.
See information on AQUA-HQE certification below.

AQUA-HQE Certification (High environmental quality)

The AQUA-HQE certification is an international seal of sustainable construction developed from French certification Démarche HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale) and adapted to Brazil.
Rio Verde is proud of already having achieved the AQUA-HQE certification in three of its real estate projects and to be in the final phase of the certification process for four other projects, demonstrating our commitment to the environment and society.
From elaboration of the project – which seeks to enhance natural lighting and ventilation, reducing the use of electricity – to execution of the works and the concern with the environment, sustainability is taken seriously into consideration. On construction sites, measures are adopted to contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emission, generate water and energy savings, decrease waste generation and promote adequate disposal of those, as well as reducing the impact of works on the surrounding area. Special emphasis is given to the use of certified building material with proven origin, adoption of selective collection, local partnerships with recycling cooperatives, actions against waste of water resources and electric power, use of rainwater, use of waste recyclers, wheel washing and use of low carbon emission equipment.

All measures generate benefits to those living in Rio Verde projects, such as:

• Water Saving:
Water saving systems in faucets, basins and showers and infrastructure for individualized water metering in apartments, reduce water consumption, reflecting in lower cost in bills.
• Energy saving:
Motion sensors to activate the lighting of social areas, use of systems, lamps and more efficient elevators reduce energy consumption, generating lower cost in bills.
• Waste Management:
A cleaner and more aware place, delivered with areas for the storage of recyclable and organic waste, providing selective waste collection.
• Thermal and acoustic comfort:
Projects are designed from simulations of energy efficiency and acoustic comfort, aimed to provide a healthier environment.
• Higher asset value over time:
With the evolution of collective consciousness towards the importance of sustainability, associated to the benefits mentioned above, the enterprises tend to increase in value.
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