Rio Verde enterprise in Piracicaba gets AQUA-HQE certification

The Head Tower commercial building is the first AQUA-HQE certified enterprise in Piracicaba, and the third Rio Verde enterprise finished and certified.

On World Environment Day, Rio Verde Construction Company and clients have much to celebrate. On May 26th, the Head Tower, a commercial building in Piracicaba, completed the third and final phase to achieve the AQUA-HQE certification. It will be the first AQUA-HQE certified project in Piracicaba, being the third venture of Rio Verde Construction Company to receive the certification.

In this stage, called “Realization Phase”, the execution of the work is analyzed. The Vanzolini Foundation, responsible for auditing and granting certification, highlighted four strengths: Team commitment and participation; Implementation of efficient management systems and control measures to ensure certification; Implementation of worker safety practices, especially the measurement of particulate matter; Available space in technical areas for equipment and maintenance.

According to Rio Verde environmental engineer Wellington Vilanova, the audit did not raise any point of attention or non-compliance and the commitment and dedication of the team made a difference. According to him, the certification brings a series of benefits to entrepreneurs, to users and to the environment. “The certification proves the high environmental quality of the company’s buildings and brings a differential to the consumer. Among the concepts applied in the Head Tower, highlighted are the restriction to chemical components in finishes, the quality of luminosity and acoustics, and the thermal comfort in environments. In addition, this brings direct and indirect savings in water and electricity consumption, generating lower overall condominium expenses with water, energy, cleaning, conservation and maintenance,” he explains.

It is important to point out that, during the project construction, 99% of the waste generated was turned to sites that allowed their recycling. Water consumption was reduced by 46% and electrical power consumption was 26% lower than expected.

The Enterprise

With an imposing glass facade, the Head Tower, with commercial rooms starting at 41 m², stands out for its beauty and functionality. The construction is expected to be delivered by the end of this semester. All suites will have a pantry, exclusive bathroom and air conditioning infrastructure (drain, electric power outlet and refrigerated network). The mezzanine will house support rooms, all delivered decorated and equipped for meetings, presentations and trainings. On the 11th floor of the development, there will be a sky lounge designed as a meeting and event area. On the ground floor, the Head Tower offers structure for implementation of four stores, designed to receive different types of services, including food. The final details of external area are due to the boulevard, a pleasant space with a reflecting pool on two levels, and wooden benches and tables.

About Rio Verde

With more than 30 years in the market, Rio Verde Engineering is a civil construction and real estate development company with projects that are differentiated for their quality standards and focus on sustainability. In the real estate area, the company has more than 20 residential developments in the cities of Limeira, Americana, Araras, Rio Claro and São Carlos.

The company also excels in the corporate, industrial and commercial area. Since its establishment, in 1983, Rio Verde has executed over 120 constructions within this profile throughout Brazil, most notably Mondeléz, Halliburton, Pecém Steel Company, Saint-Gobain, Alpargatas, Ambev and Nestlé.

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